Julie Munro

Business Owner / Sales Manager

Julie Munro is a certified Real Estate Agent who has enjoyed joining Ray White Townsville.  Julie’s passion is to help people.  Her devotion to providing a service to the community commenced with her previous career.  Over 21 years, Julie projected her ability to forge positive relationships, build rapport, negotiate outcomes, mediate a middle ground and communicate on all levels, to the highest level.  These communication skills along with Julie’s never tiring enthusiasm and energy have naturally flowed into the Real Estate Industry. 

Julie believes her role in the property industry is  … “helping PEOPLE"    To ensure the highest service is provided, Julie has secured Jake Austin to work full time as an assistant.  Jake has depth of character beyond his years and has demonstrated committment to help people consistantly.  Together, Julie and Jake provide a holistic service to all sellers, investors and buyers.   

Julie empathises with the emotional struggles some endure during the property campaign. To assist, Julie sees high value in providing education and information reliably to the owner.

Hard Work is valued highly by Julie. You will see her investigate all avenues of identifying buyers for properties.  Julie ensures her currency in industry legislation, policy and procedure remains accurate.  Julie’s personal integrity has never been challenged throughout the course of her careers which reflects her natural will to be honest, forthcoming and generous with information.

Whether buying, selling or researching market values in properties, you will admire and appreciate the service you receive from Julie Munro and Jake Austin.

Please contact Julie Munro: 

Mobile 0407 352 276  E-Mail:  julie.munro@raywhite.com

Jake Austin - Buyers Associate

Mobile 0499 911 901 E-Mail:  juliemunro.pa@raywhite.com

Kelli Jordison - Contracts / Office Manager

Phone 07 4421 5900 E-Mail: kelli.jordison@raywhite.com

QLD Real Estate Agent  A List  - 2017
Business Owner - 2017 - Ray White Townsville

Premier Member Award - 2017

Premier Member Award - 2016

Premier Member Award - 2015

Top 10 Sales Agents - North Queensland 2015, 2016, 2017

Rising Star Award  2015


  • 2017 - Top 10 Regional Salesperson - Settled Commission - No. 7
  • 2015 - Excellence in Print Media Townsville Bulletin (News Australia)
  • 2014 - 2015 Premier Member
  • 2014 - Award for Excellence - Queensland Police Service 2015
  • 2014 - Rising Star - Sales
  • 2014 - Top 10 Sales Agents - North Queensland - No. 1
  • 2014 - Excellence in Print Media - Regional Winner
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