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Suzanne Coverlid

Sales & Marketing Consultant

As someone who has always been  "people person"  Suzanne Coverlid's personality has a natural fit to the Real Estate Industry.  The best results always come to a property seller or investor when the person they hire focus on their needs   (not the needs of the agent).    Suzanne is focused on your goals, your time frames and your outcomes.    The testimonials confirm what you are reading .... you get all of Suzanne when you hire her. 

As a sales specialist with over 15 years industry experience, large numbers of satisfied clients and a family embedded in everything North Queensland - you absolutely get the best when Suzanne is working for you !    The key to Suzanne's sales success is her down to earth yet very professional approach.  These have combined to  earn Suzanne a strong referral base, volumes of favourable testimonials and a business when ensures you will find the best buyer, tenant and outcome for your property requirements.    Suzanne's sought after sales techniques makes her one of our most recommended agents. 

Originally from England, Suzanne moved to New Zealand for work and then onto Australia.  It is here in Townsville that Suzanne has pursued her career as a Sales & Marketing Consultant.   Suzanne adores spending time with her husband Michael and daughter Georgia.  Suzanne has a wonderful friends base in Townsville which is tribute to her generous passion to help people.

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