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With a career spanning various industries such as property, finance, investment management, corporate advisory, media sales, hospitality, FMCG, and agriculture, Dan has gained diverse experience and knowledge. Dan's property journey began 25 years ago in Townsville, where he embarked on a property sales career with one of Australia's most successful family-owned property development companies. After that, Dan dedicated 18 years to specializing in residential property finance.

In recent years, Dan had the opportunity to venture into the fields of investment fund management and marketing. However, his true passion and expertise have always been deeply rooted in the dynamic world of real estate. Dan firmly believes in the value of authenticity and the profound impact that strong, trust-based relationships can have on clients and customers.

Currently, Dan is fully dedicated to the realm of real estate sales, where his primary objective is to assist sellers in achieving the most favorable outcomes for their property transactions. Dan takes great pride in ensuring a seamless process that minimizes any potential complications.

While pursuing professional success, Dan also cherishes the time spent with his family.  Dan has an unwavering passion for sports. As a dedicated fan, Dan proudly supports the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys, considering himself a true "Mad Cowboys" enthusiast. However, he must confess that he has developed a genuine soft spot for The Dolphins as well. So, whether it's cheering for the Cowboys or rooting for The Dolphins, you can always find Dan enthusiastically supporting his favorite teams. Go Cows, Phins Up!

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